Your support in faithful prayer for us, our partners around the world and their communities, and for God’s ongoing work of justice, is just as important as your financial donations.

On this page, you will find information about our work, our partners and the people involved. We hope that these are useful starting points for your prayers and reflections.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. They are deeply valued.

October – December 2022

Download a pdf of the current prayer points here.

Spafford Children’s Center, East Jerusalem (CEO: Shahd Souri)

Thank God that 150 children and families were registered with the centre and that 100 parents and children were offered an introduction to the centre’s winter and summer programs earlier this year.

Pray for the staff of the centre as they continue to collaborate closely with teachers and parents of children. Pray that this collaboration will help with the ongoing success of the children who come to the centre.

Anglican Church of Melanesia, Vanuatu (Project leader: Ethel George)

Thank God that, since commencement in March 2022, two activities of the Safe, Resilient Communities project were able to be implemented despite challenges caused by the COVID-19 lockdown. The activities were training workshops on mental health and psychosocial support, and a workshop between church leaders and youth.

Pray that communities will continue to undergo changes to harmful attitudes about violence against women and girls as they work with our partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia.

Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands (Director: Dr Abraham Hauriasi)

Thank God that, despite the challenges created by the pandemic as well as riots in the capital, Honiara, the project was able to conduct financial literacy training for 20 savings group leaders in Honiara.

Pray that, as the project moves into a new phase, the capacity of Mothers’ Union leaders to advocate for climate and gender justice will be strengthened through participation and influence in decisions that will affect the future of their communities.

Cathedral Relief Service, India (Director: Rig David)
Thank God for the progress that has been made in the normal operations of the project, despite the enormous challenges of the pandemic. In particular, thank God that 237 women were enrolled in sewing training, and 79 girls were enrolled in the education program in the 2021/22 financial year.

Pray that the project will be able to arrange for enough materials for the women so that they can make products (especially COVID-19 masks) both at home and at the Nari Dana production centre.

Anglican Church of Kenya, Mount Kenya West, Kenya (Director: Millicent Wambugu)

Thank God that the Imarisha Maisha project was able to celebrate World Environment Day this year for the first time. The Diocesan Bishop led a church congregation in planting trees while the members of the congregation were taught about the importance of tree planting, environmental conservation, the need for adopting environmentally friendly technologies and farming methods, the need for adopting green energy and the importance of joining the Green Anglicans Movement.

Pray for groups in Laikipia North which have been affected by drought. Pray that they will be able to meet and resume activities to help them generate income.

Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique (Project leader: Muassite Miguel)

Thank God that the Towards Abundant Life For All project was able to reach more than 80,000 people in the 2021/22 financial year. 

Thank God that more men in the project area are participating in health campaigns. Pray that this will continue and will become an entrenched attitude amongst the men.

Afar Pastoral Development Association (APDA), Ethiopia (Director: Valerie Browning)

Thank God that the Bargaale dam has finally been able to be fully excavated and is now able to provide drinkable water for people and herds until at least April 2023, when the next rainy season is expected.

Thank God that the Emergency Disease Prevention in Gala’alu project in the Afar region has worked to reduce the rates of extreme malnutrition and vulnerability to disease.

Pray for safety and peace for the people of the Afar region as they have been traumatised by the ongoing conflict involving the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

LEADS, Sri Lanka (Contact: Diordre Moraes)

Pray for our partner, LEADS, as they work with vulnerable people amidst the ongoing economic crisis in the country, especially as many people are unable to meet even their basic needs.

Pray that peaceful relations between protestors and the authorities will be established after many people peacefully protesting about the economic conditions in the country have been assaulted in clashes in Colombo.

Thank God that the Self-Help Groups that the Promoting Self-Reliance Through Self-Help Groups project is running are functioning well and meeting monthly despite the challenges brought on by the economic crisis.


Continue to pray for the people South Sudan, in particular, those in conflict-affected communities of the Diocese of Wanyjok, Aweil East County, and Northern Bahr El Ghazel Internal Province. There has been much destruction, people being killed or wounded, and more than 20,000 displaced. Pray for the South Sudanese Development and Relief Agency (SSUDRA) as it responds.

Pray for people in the Horn of Africa as the food crisis there grows and approximately 20 million people face starvation. Pray that people in need will be able to access urgent life-saving aid, including food, clean water and emergency shelter.


Thank God for the progress of the strategic review taking place to guide our work over the next decade. Continue to pray for discernment in how AOA continues to live out its mission of connecting Australian Anglicans with dioceses across the world, responding to people living in poverty and to those affected by disasters.

Thank God that AOA staff have been able to resume travel to our projects for the first time since early 2020. Pray that this allows for a further strengthening of relationships with our faithful partners.

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