Your support in faithful prayer for us, our partners around the world and their communities, and for God’s ongoing work of justice, is just as important as your financial donations.

On this page, you will find information about our work, our partners and the people involved. We hope that these are useful starting points for your prayers and reflections.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. They are deeply valued.

April – June 2019


  • Pray for our work at the Ahli Arab Hospital as they move into the next phase of the project, working to improve much needed access to diagnosis and counselling; to increase survival rates and reduce stigma around breast cancer.
  • Pray that women needing treatment in Israel will be granted permits to get access to hospitals for treatment.

East Jerusalem

  • Thank God for the special education course and summer camp that were held at the Spafford Center during the 2018 summer period.
  • Praise God for the development in young Nisrin, a three year old girl who came to the Center with developmental delays. Now aged 5, Nisrin’s development is normal for her age and she has good attention and concentration.


  • Pray for the next phase of the Livelihoods and Women’s Empowerment project as they continue to work with communities.
  • Pray for women in savings groups, that they will be able to save enough money for hospital visits, medicine, family needs and school fees.

Solomon Islands

  • Pray for the new phase of our work in the Solomon Islands as it aims to create safer and more cohesive communities which will enable women and youth to flourish with dignity and respect. This work is taking place in the provinces of Makira, Central, Isabel and Malaita.
  • Pray for community leaders and youth who are heavily involved in the project, that they will have wisdom and confidence in guiding their communities.


  • Pray for the Imarisha project as it seeks to build safer communities by addressing the link between poverty and violence against women and children. The Anglican Church of Kenya aims to raise community awareness about the realities of domestic violence, and how to support survivors.
  • Pray for community leaders who have been identified by the government as they are trained to check on the security of women as well as their social welfare needs.


  • Pray for our new partner, the Diocese of Nampula, as it starts to address the needs of local communities in the country. Pray for leaders and their sense of direction for the new Diocese.
  • Thank God for the work of the project as it continues to respond to high levels of HIV infection and the vulnerability surrounding the disease.

South Africa

  • Pray for the Sinakho Safe Community Network Project as it aims to support vulnerable women by increasing their ability to feed their families through permaculture skills and community gardens.
  • Pray for the staff of the Diocese of Grahamstown Department of Social Responsibility as they seek funding for the continuation of their work.


  • Pray for Valerie Browning and her work with the Afar people in northern Ethiopia. Pray for strength, wisdom and courage.
  • Continue to pray for the Afar people as they face prolonged drought in one of the hottest places on the planet.


  • Thank God for Sima, who completed training in a tailoring and embroidery course and is now able to earn enough money to meet her needs.
  • Pray that the project will be able to recruit a suitable new beautician teacher.


  • Thank God for May, who has been trained to make jewelry and sell it to earn a living for herself.
  • Pray that women will be able to attend training and that others in their families will take on supporting roles that the women have traditionally played.


  • Thank God for the amazing generosity of our supporters.
  • Thank God for the impact that our Lenten reflection booklets have been having on supporters all over Australia. Pray that they will continue to draw people closer to the love and kindness of Jesus.
  • Thank God that we were able to be a sponsor of the annual Surrender Conference in March, and that conversations that took place will result in continued transformation of people.
  • Pray for our International Programs team as they monitor projects and continue to develop relationships with our partners throughout the world.


  • Pray for those affected by Cyclone Idai, the flooding and the resulting humanitarian crisis. Many have lost family and friends, homes, livelihoods; everything. Pray for healing and restoration as they mourn, recover and rebuild.
  • Pray for the continued response to the people of Ambae in Vanuatu as they are settled on the neighbouring islands of Santo and Maewo. Pray for comfort as they grieve the loss of their homes on their native island of Ambae.

What does prayer have to do with alleviating poverty?

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