Your support in faithful prayer for us, our partners around the world and their communities, and for God’s ongoing work of justice, is just as important as your financial donations.

On this page, you will find information about our work, our partners and the people involved. We hope that these are useful starting points for your prayers and reflections.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. They are deeply valued.

January – March 2021

Download a pdf of the current prayer points here.


Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza. (Project leader: Suhaila Tarazi)

Pray that the deteriorating economic situation due to COVID-19 will improve. Poverty has increased exponentially, and the health system is on the brink of collapse. Pray that the health & well-being of the AAH team is protected.

Pray that the vaccine will soon be made available, particularly for the most vulnerable people.

Spafford Children’s Center, East Jerusalem. (Project leader: Shahd Souri)

Thank God for the celebration of 95 years that the Center has been operating.

Pray for the children whose education has been negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Pray that the staff at the Center can maintain strength and resilience to keep doing the best they can for the children during this very difficult time.

Praise God that, through the generosity of supporters, a new and upgraded IT system is in the process of being made available. This will improve all areas of the program.

Anglican Church of Melanesia, Vanuatu. (Project leader: Ethel George)

Pray for protection for the country, especially the most vulnerable and the ongoing economic impacts as a result of the lack of tourism.

Pray for the continued recovery of communities, homes, livelihoods and protection given the ongoing impacts of Tropical Cyclone Harold from 2020.

Pray that there will be no more significant tropical cyclones this season (which runs until April).


Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands. (Project leader: Dr Abraham Hauriasi)

Pray that the Positive Parenting Program will be able to continue its aim of building up and strengthening families and not be hampered by any further restrictions related to COVID-19.

Pray that a vaccine for the virus will be made available, that the program will be well-managed and that people will be accepting of the vaccine.


Anglican Church of Kenya, Mount Kenya West, Kenya. (Project leader: Millicent Wambugu)

Thank God for the establishment of 11 community-based child protection committees over the last six months. The committees are raising awareness on child safety, protection, and care, arbitrating on non-criminal cases. The committees are supporting local chiefs with their legal knowledge and training.

Thank God that 147 men have been trained in responsible parenting and on women’s/children’s rights. Men have been encouraged to ensure women and children are protected at the household and community level.

Pray for the evaluation of the program which will take place in February, that the team will be well received by communities, the impact of the project can be properly assessed, and for team health and safety.


Missionary Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique. (Project leader: Muassite Miguel)

Pray for an end to the violence in the Cabo Delgado province of Mozambique and the brokering of a lasting peace. Communities are hosting refugees in their homes, sharing land and resources where they can, but many ‘Internally Displaced People’ are existing in temporary camps. The Missionary Diocese of Nampula, is providing relief, psychosocial support and protection services.

Pray for the protection of the most vulnerable from the virus, and particularly that it does not reach the remote rural locations where health services are extremely limited.


Afar Pastoral Development Association, Ethiopia. (Project leader: Valerie Browning)

Praise God that COVID-19 has not affected the Afar region of Ethiopia so much. Pray for the people in the Afar as they deal with the devastating impacts of severe flooding in the region.

Pray for the safety of APDA staff as they work out how to best assist both Tigrayan people and local Afar people affected by the conflict in Tigray.

Pray that the ground dries sufficiently after flooding for dams to be dug-out and rehabilitated in February/March before the rains come again.


Cathedral Relief Service, India. (Project leader: Rig David)

Pray for the continued health of people in the self-help groups in our work in Kolkata, as the number of COVID-19 cases in the country has passed 10 million.

Give thanks that women have so skilfully turned their hand to mask-making which is bringing in sufficient income for them.


Pray for the continuing recovery efforts in Fiji from the effects if Tropical Cyclone Yasa, which hit the country in mid-December. Recovery includes the distribution of food, water and other non-food relief items (like hygiene and family relief packs).

Pray also for the Diocese of Polynesia and Anglican Missions New Zealand as they lead AOA’s response to TC Yasa.

Pray that vaccines for COVID-19 will reach the most vulnerable people in the poorest nations in the world and that they will be protected from the effects of the virus becoming worse.



Pray for AOA to be able to continue to encourage and support our partners as their parts of the world remains highly vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19.

Thank God for the response to our Christmas Appeal which exceeded our budget. This has enabled us to bring renewed hope to women in Kenya through community education and support to those who are most vulnerable.

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