Your support in faithful prayer for us, our partners around the world and their communities, and for God’s ongoing work of justice, is just as important as your financial donations.

On this page, you will find information about our work, our partners and the people involved. We hope that these are useful starting points for your prayers and reflections.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. They are deeply valued.

April – June 2022

Download a pdf of the current prayer points here.


Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza. (Director: Suhaila Tarazi)

Thank God that the project is on track and moving forward to meet most of its goals in the area of mammography screenings, breast self-examination training and community awareness.

Pray that distribution of COVID-19 prevention kits for cancer patients will run smoothly and that all those who need them will receive them.


Spafford Children’s Center, East Jerusalem. (Director: Shahd Souri)

Thank God that representatives from the Center were able to visit six schools in the Old City and surrounding areas and refer students who are in need of remedial education, therapeutic services, and counselling for both children and their parents.

Thank God that, after months of being kept inside due to the virus, 50 children could attend the SCC Summer Camp. The children enjoyed games, art, dance, water activities, and field trips.


Anglican Church of Melanesia, Vanuatu. (Project leader: Ethel George)

Thank God that the new project promoting safety and resilience in communities is now ready to commence.

Pray for communities in Vanuatu as they continue to try to contain the spread of COVID-19.


Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands. (Director: Dr Abraham Hauriasi)

Pray for a reduction in cases of COVID-19 in the country. There have been many lockdowns, high case numbers and deaths, and much of the regular work of the project has been suspended as our partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACoM), tries to prevent and address the spread of the virus. Pray specifically for containment of the virus in remote provinces where there is very little access to health services.

Thank God that AOA has been given the opportunity to assist ACoM in their response to the deteriorating COVID-19 situation.


Anglican Church of Kenya, Mount Kenya West, Kenya. (Director: Millicent Wambugu)

Thank God that a group of survivors of gender-based violence and a group of people living with a disability were able to be visited to assess their needs. This will provide hope for vulnerable people in the community.

Thank God that AOA has been able to respond to the drought with a grant from our Rapid Response Emergency Fund which has provided food relief to the most vulnerable.

Pray for rain to ease the drought in the regions of Nyeri and Laikipia as the drought has led to an increase in community conflicts related to trespass and illegal grazing.


Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique. (Project leader: Muassite Miguel)

Thank God that in 28 communities hosting internally displaced people from the conflict-affected north, families are able to practice conservation agriculture in homes and on the banks of rivers, to improve food security and to help the environment.

Pray for communities in the north of the country who face great challenges in living with conflict, recovering from frequent tropical cyclones and having to manage the spread of COVID-19.


Afar Pastoral Development Association, Ethiopia. (Director: Valerie Browning)

Pray for resilience for the Afar people as they continue to face extraordinarily difficult conditions. As the conflict continues, they have had herds of animals eaten or burned by invading armies; houses destroyed, and an extremely dry season.

Continue to pray for safety and security for very large numbers of people displaced as a result of conflict in the Tigray region. Specifically, pray for food supplies to reach them.

Thank God that AOA has been able to make a significant response through the faithful giving of AOA and APDA supporters.


Cathedral Relief Service, India. (Director: Rig David)

Thank God that, despite the difficulties brought on by the pandemic, 365 women still received training in areas such as sewing and beauty care.

Pray that more women are able to attend the Nari Dana Production Unit to be trained.


Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS), Sri Lanka. (Director: Diordre Moraes)

Pray for LEADS staff and the communities they work with, as they work in extremely challenging conditions given the country’s economic crisis. Queues to purchase essential items such as fuel have become the norm with essential medicines also being in short supply. They are also experiencing power cuts of 13 hours per day with staggered times due to the short supply of fuel.

Pray that the project team’s collaboration with microfinance institutions, banks, government officers and other services will build rapport to ensure benefits to communities that LEADS works with.



Thank God that AOA has joined the Emergency Action Alliance, a coalition of 15 Australian-based member charities who deliver aid directly or through trusted partners to those in need when an emergency occurs. This makes it easier for Australian donors to help in an international humanitarian emergency.

Pray for protection of people, particularly women and children, in Ukraine as fighting continues, and for the success of peace talks.



Thank God that we have been able to establish new relationships with churches in Melbourne. Pray that we will be faithful in our journey of discipleship with them.

Thank God that our new CEO, Jo Knight, is excelling in her role with much enthusiasm as she leads AOA forward.

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