Your support in faithful prayer for us, our partners around the world and their communities, and for God’s ongoing work of justice, is just as important as your financial donations.

On this page, you will find information about our work, our partners and the people involved. We hope that these are useful starting points for your prayers and reflections.

Thank you for your ongoing prayers. They are deeply valued.

April – June 2021

Download a pdf of the current prayer points here.


Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza. (Director: Suhaila Tarazi)

Please pray for an end to the current hostilities between Israel and Palestine, and for the safety of our partners at the Ahli Arab Hospital.

Praise God that the Women’s Health and Wellbeing project is achieving its goals despite the challenges of COVID-19.

Thank God that the hospital has been able to continue to serve the community right throughout the pandemic.

Thank God that a total of 382 mammography screenings were conducted and that 40 women received a full course of training in the Mind and Body program in the second half of 2020.


Spafford Children’s Center, East Jerusalem. (Director: Shahd Souri)

Please pray for an end to the current hostilities between Israel and Palestine, and for the safety of our partners at the Center.

Pray that the Center will be able to re-establish programs again as it reopens.

Continue to pray for the children whose education has been disrupted or negatively impacted by COVID-19 restrictions.


Anglican Church of Melanesia, Vanuatu. (Project leader: Ethel George)

Thank God for the successful recent World Day of Prayer with its emphasis on Vanuatu. Pray for ongoing protection for women as the Anglican Church of Melanesia further highlights the problem of gender-based violence.

Pray for protection from cyclones during the cyclone season, which runs through to the end of April.


Anglican Church of Melanesia, Solomon Islands. (Director: Dr Abraham Hauriasi)

Pray for the country as the continuing impacts of sea level rise from climate change affect the low-lying islands.

Thank God that COVID-19 vaccine rollout has commenced in the country. Pray that the vaccine will protect people from the virus and that the Anglican Church of Melanesia will be able to assist with the rollout of the vaccine.


Anglican Church of Kenya, Mount Kenya West, Kenya. (Director: Millicent Wambugu)

Thank God that training on child growth and development, and parenting, has been completed. The trainees included 15 survivors of gender-based violence and 18 persons living with disability and their care givers.

Pray for the work of paralegal trainers who encourage vulnerable people to make wills, consider guardianship issues, and make ‘memory books’ for their children. 

Pray that the results of the evaluation conducted in February and March will be received positively by the community leaders.


Missionary Diocese of Nampula, Mozambique. (Project leader: Muassite Miguel)

Continue to pray for peace to be brokered in the Cabo Delgado province in the north of the country and that all people will be protected from worsening violence. We are especially mindful of vulnerable people who are frightened and traumatised by the civil conflict.

Pray for the work of the Missionary Diocese of Nampula as they provide relief, psychosocial support and protection services to those who have been forced to flee from their homes.


Afar Pastoral Development Association, Ethiopia. (Director: Valerie Browning)

Pray for staff of the Afar Pastoralist Development Association as they truck water to drought-stricken regions for drinking water.

Pray for the protection of women as they walk 12 to 14 hours to collect water, risking themselves and the children left behind in their homes. Pray also for the successful rehabilitation of dams in the region, that they will reduce the stress on women collecting water.

Pray for the political situation in the neighbouring Tigray region to settle down.


Cathedral Relief Service, India. (Director: Rig David)

Please pray for an easing of COVID-19 throughout the country, and for safety for our partners and the communities we work with in Kolkata.

Thank God that women and girls are now able to come in small groups for the completion of training in tailoring.

Thank God that, despite the restrictions caused by COVID-19, challenges of food and funding were partially addressed by relief work undertaken by CRS to ensure cooked food reached different locations. 



Pray for energy for those continuing the COVID-19 response project in the Solomon Islands as they address loss of income, lost jobs, people staying at/returning home, and increased gender-based violence.

Pray for good co-operation amongst churches in the continuing response to Tropical Cyclones Yasa and Ana in Fiji. AOA’s partner, the Diocese of Polynesia, is assisting people with cash vouchers and agriculture kits.

Pray for the Australian Government and CAN DO responses to the escalating COVID-19 impact in PNG. Pray that vaccines will reach the most vulnerable people and that they will be protected from the effects of the virus.



Pray for our new Board members as they settle into their roles of providing direction to AOA for the future.

Pray for our marketing and communications staff as they seek to use their gifts and talents to glorify God.

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