What we do

Disaster Response

Anglican Overseas Aid helps Anglican churches globally respond to disasters through strong partnerships, immediate relief, and disaster preparedness, including climate-vulnerable regions.

Anglican Overseas Aid was first established as a response to Anglican churches around the world seeking help when disasters devastated their communities. With a solid history of responding to emergencies, we have built strong connections that allow us to respond immediately through our global networks and partnerships. If we do not have partners in the affected areas, we utilise the ACT Alliance and CAN DO networks to provide relief such as food, safe drinking water and shelter, as well as support to rebuild their lives and work through the impacts of trauma. 

Many of our partners live in countries that are highly vulnerable to extreme weather events. We work with our partners to ensure disaster mitigation and preparedness programs are implemented in their communities to reduce the impacts of the climate disasters they will inevitably continue to face. This is often supported through the use of sound theological teaching, particularly in the Pacific.