How we work


Creating livelihood security through group training, resource provision, income diversification and emergency aid.

People living in poverty face many obstacles to their livelihoods. Climate shocks have had a devastating impact on subsistence farmers whose crops are needed to feed their families and generate income. For many women, unable to graduate from school and required to stay at home with children, the opportunity to contribute to the household income seems impossible. Those with disabilities often suffer further, sidelined by a society that doesn’t believe they can contribute.

The way our partners work depends upon the circumstances of the community. For some, when responding to emergencies, cash vouchers are the best way to receive immediate assistance. For others, establishing groups where they are provided with training and resources to work together to earn an income is appropriate. With the changing climate, partners also work with communities on the diversification of their livelihoods to ensure a variety of income streams when droughts and other climate shocks hit.