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Sri Lanka

22 million



HDI Ranking


Mean Yrs of School


Infant Mortality

Sri Lanka is located in South Asia, off the southern-eastern coast of India. It boasts a diverse and beautiful landscape, with gorgeous beaches, mountains and national parks.

A brutal civil war erupted in 1983, with fighting lasting just under three decades, the impacts of which are still felt today. In 2004, Sri Lanka was struck by a tsunami that damaged the country’s northern, eastern, and southern coastal areas and killed more than 30,000 people. More recently an economic crisis has left vulnerable households struggling to meet their basic needs. 

The United Nations reports that half Sri Lanka’s children require emergency assistance, with many going hungry, unable to attend school, and the poorest at risk of being placed into institutional care. *

Our partner, Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS) is working with urban slum communities, plantations and those still suffering the effects of civil war, alleviating the socioeconomic issues that negatively impact the living standards of the most marginalised people in Sri Lanka. 

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