What we do

Women's Equality

‘An empowered woman is one who can make decisions’

Muassite Coordinator of the Abundant Life Program, Mozambique

Women and girls are disproportionately impacted by poverty, discrimination, inequality and abuse. Compelled by God’s mandate of the dignity of all people, we continue to pursue equality for those who are affected by poverty.

Investing in gender equality not only acknowledges that women have fundamental human rights but also improves the economic development and health of their families. Gender equality is woven through all the programs our partners deliver; from health initiatives to saving groups, females are at the centre.

In the communities where we partner in Africa and the Pacific, the Church is an excellent network for change; it has significant influence in the community and is growing in numbers. Together, we used sound theology to work towards equality for women and eliminating gender-based violence. This is starting within the Church and transforming the community. As a result, more women are empowered to lead transformational change in their families and communities.