Founders Day - Wise Choices for Life

Marg's vision, determination, and unwavering commitment drove the inception and growth of Wise Choices for Life. Her passion inspired others, fostering a sense of purpose within the organisation and supporters.

Her heart for the people of Uganda drove her to address the urgent need to combat high fertility rates that perpetuated poverty. Marg’s tireless efforts resulted in a curriculum and training program, equipping Ugandan community leaders to conduct reproductive health training in schools, women’s and men’s groups, and prisons. Since her passing in 2021, the Wise Choices for Life team in Uganda, is supported by Anglican Overseas Aid, and Marg’s mission to break cycles of poverty in Ugandan families continues.

A recent independent evaluation report of the Wise Choices for Life program reaffirmed the transformational impact and success of Marg's vision.

Marg's selfless dedication earned her the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM). She left a lasting impact through education and community empowerment.

As we approach July 6th (Marg's birthday), we reflect on Marg's impact and the work she founded. We give thanks for her selfless passion, courage, and love of others.