Women's Equality

Nadia Returns to School

After meeting with Life Team volunteers Nadia saw a world where completing her education could be possible.

Nadia’s body was weak, and sickness was constant, after delivering her fifth child she yearned for relief. It was easy to quit school, in Mozambique it was expected when she married her husband Antonio, but to quit bearing children that was a battle harder fought.

When Nadia (pictured above with Antionio and their daughter) heard about family planning she eagerly spoke with Antonio, hoping he would understand what life could be like for her without constantly being pregnant. But it was a conversation he refused to have. That is, until the Life Team volunteers supported by the Towards Abundant Life for All program, came to their house and spoke to him at lengths about family planning. During this meeting Antonio came to realise that family planning was vital for their future.

For five years, they did not conceive. Instead, Nadia worked on her dream: she returned to school.

'Resuming study renewed my mind,’ she explains.

'My dream is to finish school and perhaps become a teacher.' Nadia is setting an example for her children, one that Antonio is eager for their daughter to replicate.

‘I want my daughter to grow up to be a teacher,’ he says. ‘For that to happen, she needs to be able to go to school, and she has to be protected from child marriage. I am going to protect her.’

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