Update - Ahli Arab Hospital

November 13, 2023

Current Response of Ahli Arab Hospital (AAH)

Al-Ahli Arab Hospital is the only functioning hospital within the north of Gaza. The staff continues to implement a 24-hour emergency response plan, to meet the increasing number of wounded and traumatized. Currently, everyday, the hospital treats around 200 to 250 wounded and is performing up to 10 surgical operations. The hospital staff have called for health professionals within the neighborhood who can access the hospital, to join the staff and help save the lives of hundreds of patients.

Generators are being used only for sterilization procedures, which require greater wattage. This is draining the fuel capacity, which is at a level that may last as little as three weeks, depending on usage.

Up until this date (Nov 13), the banks are working in Gaza, so money can be wired in for staff salaries and the purchase of supplies. Red Cross/Red Crescent and UNRWA are providing the hospital with supplies and are the only agencies (or individuals) allowed by the IDF to get humanitarian aid into Gaza City where the hospital is located. So far the hospital has been able to procure three deliveries of medicines and medical supplies.

Update on needs

Immediate needs

The greatest need is for anesthesia, antibiotics, surgical supplies, and food for those being brought into the hospital; Similarly, the need for fuel, hygiene kits, food, and potable drinking water for patients and their families and relatives is increasing. The need for additional staff to meet the 24-hour work shifts is rising, particularly in the emergency wards, surgical operations, and burns treatment departments as well as for psycho-social support.

Needs in 3 months

More supplies will be needed to meet the increasing number of wounded, burnt, and traumatized. As well as for the prolonged treatment of wounded, treatment for children with malnutrition, physiotherapy sessions.

We need to purchase new medical equipment to replace those that were completely damaged and to fix those that were partially damaged. Renovation of the severely damaged departments and rooms, and a new ambulance to replace the damaged one.