Occupied Palestinian Territories

Spafford Children’s Center

Spafford Children's Center pause in operations.

Since 1925 the Spafford Children's Center (SCC) in East Jerusalem has served the Palestinian population. Currently, SCC provides treatment for trauma reactions in children who have experienced violence in their communities as well as family stress. For decades children struggling in overcrowded schools have received SCC's individualized tutoring in Arabic, English, and math. The SCC also provides speech and occupational therapy, plus art, dance, music, and recreational programs.

Every hour, every day brings new headlines from Israel, Gaza, the West Bank, and Jerusalem. As you know, the Spafford Children’s Center (SCC) is in the Old City of Jerusalem between Herod’s and Damascus Gates. In the past week there has been a heavy presence of police checking the IDs of parents and children trying to access the Old City. With the bombing of the Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, operated by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, there are calls for three days of mourning. The SCC is closed as families and staff do not feel safe to leave their homes to venture into the Old City even though the need for trauma treatment, educational services, and speech and occupational therapies is greater than ever.