Community Development

Faith-Based Development:

How Christian Organizations Can Make a Difference

International development work is a largely secular discipline that distances itself from faith concerns; even many faith-based groups seem to go out of their way to minimize the relationship between their religious convictions and their work. Secular groups often see faith-based agencies as “irritating marginal players” in the global development scene. But what if much of the value of these groups is exactly the result of that sense of religious mission?

Mitchell posits that, contrary to popular perception, church organizations have long been major players in international development work, and that many of these organizations do take the relationship between their work and the faith that underpins it very seriously. Instead of apologizing for their faith roots and expression, they should celebrate them and recognize the value they bring to every development enterprise, secular or not.

This book has arisen out of Bob Mitchells PhD thesis on faith-based development organizations. It has been about 10 years in the making and includes vast research based on interviews with people in communities all over the developing world.

With endorsements from Jayakumar Christian, Steve Bradbury and Paul Madden AM, this book aims to fill the gap in the area of evidence-based research about the difference that Christian faith-based development organizations can make.

Copies can be ordered though Koorong or Garratt Publishing