Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS)




Sri Lanka


Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS) works across Sri Lanka to redress pressing socioeconomic issues that negatively impact the living standards of marginalised and underprivileged communities.

LEADS was established in 1978 to create safer spaces and brighter futures for the children of Sri Lanka.

The beginnings of LEADS were quite humble. It was formed in response to a great need that arose following a cyclone in Sri Lanka. Over the years, they have responded to several socio-natural emergency situations that have arisen – from the 30-year civil war, to the Asian Tsunami of 2004, to the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Today, LEADS has evolved to work holistically towards the best interests of the child at national policy level and at grassroots level working closely with children, families and communities towards creating a safer country for the children of Sri Lanka.

The main work of LEADS lies in the protection of children and promotion of their rights. They provide restorative care for survivors of child abuse, and create more awareness of the issue in communities all across Sri Lanka.

Anglican Overseas Aid supports LEADS’ Promoting Self-Reliance Through Self-Help Groups project in Sri Lanka.

The project increases economic resilience through improving incomes and increasing the community-based savings of 150 households in the Periyakulam and Salappaiyaru communities.

Funding: This project is funded by donations from the Australian public.