Ahli Arab Hospital


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Occupied Palestinian Territories


Ahli Arab Hospital is based in Gaza City in the Gaza Strip.

Ahli Arab Hospital is in the centre of Gaza City and treats over 45,000 patients each year. It is a haven of peace and hope in the middle of one of the world’s most troubled areas.

Restrictions on movement and imports mean that Ahli Arab Hospital is often without basic medicines and life is made even more stressful with limited supplies of electricity, food, water, fuel and personnel.

This Anglican hospital, run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, offers health care to outpatients and inpatients regardless of ethnicity, religion, political affiliation or economic status.

In addition to its hospital facility, Ahli Arab Hospital provides free mobile clinics to villages across Gaza and offers specialised support for different community groups, such as free clinics for elderly women, free care for people with burn injuries and underweight or malnourished children, screening programmes for early detection of breast cancer among women, and essential psychosocial support.

The hospital also partners with community-based organisations across Gaza to provide much-needed training for local people in counselling, social work, basic first aid and medical aid, and to assist them in running their own training programmes for graduate and undergraduate youth.

Our partnership with Ahli Arab Hospital began in 1988, when Anglican Overseas Aid started, and continues to this day.

Ahli Arab Hospital established what is now the Women’s Health and Wellbeing project in 2009, after female community leaders campaigned for action on the suffering that women were experiencing due to breast cancer.

Through this project we aim to improve the survival rate of women with breast cancer through earlier detection, appropriate treatment referrals, and advocacy for improved access to medical treatment outside Gaza.

An important aspect of this work is addressing stigma related to breast cancer, through a program for male community leaders and men with family members with breast cancer.

The hospital runs a free breast screening clinic and works with more than 30 community-based organisations to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of screening and early detection.

Funding: The Women’s Health and Wellbeing project is funded by donations from the Australian public.

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