Our partner in Vanuatu is the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOMV).

The Pacific island nation of Vanuatu has a population of approximately 300,000 people spread across about 65 of the nation’s 80 islands.

Vanuatu is ranked 140 out of 189 nations on the Human Development Index , and is the world’s most at-risk country in terms of vulnerability to natural disasters and ability to recover .

Family violence is an endemic issue across Vanuatu. Violence within the home remains a national challenge.

While the drivers of violence in Vanuatu are complex, a 2018 gender analysis undertaken by our partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia, and AOA, captured the voices of approximately 200 men, women and youth including church leaders and chiefs. The data gathered showed the clear link between violent practices and underlying harmful societal, spiritual and cultural beliefs.

The Anglican Church of Melanesia is still working with ACOM to respond to a humanitarian emergency in 2018 caused by volcanic activity which forced the evacuation of the entire population of 10,000 people of Ambae Island. ACOM has also supported the repatriation and resilience building of the communities from late 2017. ACOM is partnering with other local churches and the government to support relocation of communities as well as long-term reliance on building and community planning to adapt to the environment on Ambae and nearby islands.

Through the Church Agencies Network Disaster Operations (CAN DO) partnership, Anglican Overseas Aid and ACOM are working with the Adventist Development Relief Agency as well as with other local churches to utilise grassroots church structures to improve information sharing with the government on how to live with an active volcano and on the protection of women and children in crisis.

Funding: The Ambae volcano response is funded solely by donations from the Australian public.