Our partner in Sri Lanka is Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS).

Sri Lanka, with its population of approximately 22 million people, is located in south Asia, with India off its north-western shores.

More than 42 percent of Sri Lanka’s people are living in poverty. It is ranked 72 on the UN’s Human Development Index out of 189 countries. The main issue affecting the many people in the country is irregular income. This makes it difficult for people to meet basic needs, including food. Then, with the onset of COVID-19, the situation worsened

The UN’s Gender Inequality Index ranks Sri Lanka at 90 out of 189 countries. Only 32.5 percent of women participate in the labour force, compared to 72.4 percent of men. Women’s labour force participation in the country is often compounded by many factors such as the lack of affordable and quality childcare services, lack of support in sharing household work and some workplace cultures that are not supportive of women employees.

We support the Promoting Self-Reliance Through Self-Help Groups project in Sri Lanka.

The project, run by Lanka Evangelical Alliance Development Service (LEADS), increases economic resilience through improving incomes and increasing the community-based savings of 150 households in the Periyakulam and Salappaiyaru communities.

LEADS will also collaborate with microfinance institutions, banks, government officers and other services to build rapport and a network with the Self-Help Groups.

Funding: This project is funded by donations from the Australian public.

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