We have a vision of a peaceful, just and sustainable world for everyone.

To work towards making this kind of world a reality, we focus on four main areas:

  • Disasters and climate adaptation
  • Self Reliance 
  • Remote health
  • Safe relationships

Within these themes, we work with Anglican and like-minded partners across four geographic regions of the world (Africa, Middle East, Asia, Pacific) to help communities take control of their futures and overcome poverty and injustice.

We use a strength-based approach in all our partnerships and programs. We believe that change happens sustainably when communities are helped to recognise the skills, strengths and assets that they already have that enable them to overcome their challenges. This means that the communities themselves take responsibility for change.

Find out more about these themes and what we are doing:

Disasters and climate adaptation

Poor communities are vulnerable to disasters and the impact of a changing climate, particularly in the Pacific. We work closely with experienced church-based partners who have significant capacity and resources, to leverage the momentum to benefit communities in the Pacific, better equip Anglican partners, and address the challenges of climate change.

Our goal is for Anglican partners to be more equipped to respond to disaster and climate change, and to put in place effective ways of reducing risks when disasters occur.

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We are committed to enabling and investing in self-reliance. We want to build on strengths and build up self-replicating household saving through Anglican networks. Part of this involves focusing on a ‘pay back’ model for solar power for Anglican infrastructure in the Pacific, and supporting innovative pilots to promote self-reliance.

Our goal in this area is for our partners to have enabled effective household savings, and supported self-reliance initiatives with evidence of increased economic opportunities for communities.

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Remote health

Access to quality health care by engaged communities is critical to well-being. Our partners in Africa have particular expertise promoting access to health care in remote communities. We aim to build on strengths, and leverage expertise to expand programming and health partnerships in the Pacific.

Our goal is for our partners to have improved the quality and access to healthcare for remote or marginalised communities, and increased accountability and engagement between community and health services.

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Safe relationships

Our partners work in contexts with high levels of family violence and gender inequality. Theological frameworks can leave women at increased risk of violence, and we are strategically placed to enable church leaders and networks to utilise and promote theological frameworks that uphold safety and wellbeing for everyone.

Our goal is for our partners to be well equipped to promote safe communities and address gender-based violence in communities, including through a theological framework.

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