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Reweaving the Ecological Mat

The REM Framework is a rethinking and rearticulating of development as it happens and affects the countries of the Pasifika, and all the churches within the region.

The REM Framework is also a rethinking of wellbeing, especially from the indigenous and cultural perspectives and lived experiences of the peoples of the island countries.

The word “reweaving” exposes that the “ecological mat” has been damaged, that threads of the mat are broken and torn, and each country’s biodiversity is being reduced. This sad and worrying situation of the ecological mat is the direct result of the prevailing market paradigm, which elevates endless growth and profit-wealth creation and accumulation at the expense of the environments – terrestrial, marine and skies – that constitute the threads of the ecological mat.

Below you can find a downloadable training manual together with video resources.

Training Manual

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Video Resources

This training manual and accompanying resources have been made possible with the support of the Australian Government through the Australian NGO Cooperation (ANCP) and Anglican Overseas Aid.