Health educators in Mozambique teach communities about preventing COVID-19 through good hygiene.

Health educators in Mozambique teach communities about preventing COVID-19 through good hygiene.

We are living in unprecedented times, and we are faced with a great ongoing challenge.

At Anglican Overseas Aid, we are acting and have taken on this challenge in the communities where we work, helping them to prepare, prevent and lessen the impacts of COVID-19.

The virus has had a devastating impact in many countries with poor health systems, and the people most heavily impacted by the health crises and lockdowns are those without access to secure housing, regular income, food, water and sanitation.

We have responded by adapting our programs where possible to ensure that the communities we already work with have the support they need to get through this time. It remains urgent that we ensure vulnerable people have access to information and are given the tools they need to create a better life.

Our local Anglican Church partners have a grassroots connection with their communities, which means they are in the best position to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 through promoting good hygiene practices and distributing accurate health information.

We are also helping to lessen the secondary impacts through care for the most vulnerable, helping families maintain livelihoods, and improving safety for women and children through support and connecting them to lifesaving services.

On our project pages, you will find information about how we are responding to the individual needs of the areas we work in. We continue communicating and working closely with our partners to help them respond to this ongoing crisis.

A key aspect of the battle now is ensuring that communities gain access to vaccinations. Our partners are and will continue to play a critical role in providing clear and accurate information to help address any community concerns and hesitancy.


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