Since our foundation in 1988, together we have achieved great change by supporting our partners to challenge the structures that keep them poor.

We have saved lives through our long-term support of the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza, provided clean and safe water and sanitation to rural communities in Mozambique, empowered women in South Africa, and provided solar lights to communities in Vanuatu and Solomon Islands.

We also cherish our long-standing partnership with the Afar Pastoralist Development Association that has substantially improved maternal and child health in Ethiopia. This model of grassroots community and health development has also been powerfully implemented with our program partner in Kenya.

These achievements have been possible because of people like you.

Anglican Overseas Aid relies on the compassion and generosity of our donors – including those who leave bequests – to continue our vital work for a peaceful and just world for all.

A gift in your Will means so much. It can help us deploy life-changing maternal and child health programs, combat gender-based violence, and equip families to earn a living. It will also allow us to plan for the future, so you can ensure that a voice you trust continues to fight for justice for poor and isolated communities overseas.

Your gift, no matter how big or small, will be so much more than a financial donation; it will leave a legacy of kindness and generosity to echo across generations.

Anglican Overseas Aid uses all funds with discernment, wisdom and integrity to bring life-changing futures to people trapped in poverty and dire need.

“Our Anglican brothers and sisters overseas work tirelessly to bring the love of God to those in great need. I’m therefore grateful for your consideration of Anglican Overseas Aid and the people we serve in your Will.”

The Most Revd Dr Philip Freier
Archbishop of Melbourne and President of Anglican Overseas Aid

Honouring your legacy – The David Penman Fund

The David Penman Fund is a way for people to leave a bequest to AOA. It  is an opportunity to acknowledge and thank friends and supporters and come together annually to celebrate our collective contribution to fulfilling David’s vision.




You will receive:

  • A letter of thanks from the Archbishop of Melbourne
  • A certificate of appreciation of your continuing commitment
  • Invitation to an annual event to celebrate program achievements
  • The option to be named in the Annual Report
  • Annual Reports and Abundance Magazine

Each of the above will be optional.

An Opportunity to share

Our Will reflects what we care about. It can provide an opportunity to share with our family the values our life is built upon and encourage them to live lives of generosity as God directs them.

How can you support your family to live a life of generosity?

  1. Talk about why you give. Your family might know that you support your church, AOA and other causes, but do they know why? Sharing your choices with your family doesn’t need to mean sharing financial details, rather sharing your hopes and values.
  2. Consider sharing resources from your church, AOA, or other causes with your family and talk about them together.

We recommend you consult a solicitor to help you draft your bequest. This is the best way to ensure that your intentions are accurately recorded and are legally binding.

You can find out more in our bequests brochure, which you can download here.

For a confidential and no-obligation discussion about planning your bequest giving, please contact our CEO.

Telephone: (03) 9495 6100 or 1800 249 880