Wise Choices For Life

Wise Choices for Life (WCFL) Uganda is a faith-based training NGO originating in 2009 as a health training initiative. Through the vision and work of Marg Docking, an Australian midwife teaching in Uganda, WCFL was founded in response to one of the root causes of poverty in developing countries: excessively high fertility rates, which result in extremely high maternal mortality rates. Communities remain trapped in the intergenerational poverty cycle because there are too many children for parents or guardians to care for, combined with poor health infrastructure and access to care.

To address these root causes through transformational behaviour change, a comprehensive, medically-sound reproductive health and life skills training program was developed by Marg through Wise Choices for Life Australia. 

WCFL Uganda, located in Mbale, empowers adult intermediaries and young leaders to facilitate life skills development and family and reproductive health education within their own life and work contexts.  Under national expertise and leadership, this seed of transformation evolved into a fully structured training program, delivered through faith institutions, primary and secondary schools, universities, and in prisons and remand homes. Anglican Overseas Aid has partnered with WCFL Uganda since 2022.