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Tropical Cyclone Yasa leaves devastation in Fiji – please help

December, 2020

On Thursday 17th December, Category 5 Tropical Cyclone (TC) Yasa made landfall in Fiji, bringing with it gusts of up to 350 kmph and lashing rain. The winds flattened trees and crops, damaged and destroyed houses, and the rain has left severe flooding, which in turn caused landslides and many roads to close. Many communities were left without power.

Photo: TC Yasa made landfall in Fiji, damaged and destroyed many houses and community buildings. Credit: Anglican Diocese of Polynesia

While it is estimated that 600,000 Fijians were in the direct path of Yasa, there were about 23,000 people sheltered in evacuation centres. Sadly there are 4 confirmed deaths, including a 1 month old boy, along with 1 person missing.

Locals affected have described it as “the most terrifying experience of their lives” and a Fijian journalist reported that she had “never seen anything like it before.”

Anglican Overseas Aid is sending support to the Anglican Diocese of Polynesia through Anglican Missions New Zealand, from our Rapid Response Emergency Fund. This Fund allows us to respond quickly to emergencies like TC Yasa. Funding to be used for both immediate relief and long-term response where necessary.

By donating to the TC Yasa Appeal, you will be helping our partners to identify who needs assistance and provide them with emergency supplies so that basic needs are met. 

Initial damage assessments will advise where help is most needed, then food, water and other non-food relief items (like hygiene and family relief packs) will be distributed. Longer term relief may include repairing damage to buildings like schools, and providing agricultural tools and seedlings, and establishing community gardens.

Anglican Missions says that “Cyclone Yasa is a double disaster for Fiji which is still recovering from the devastating impact of COVID-19 which has had such a significant impact on the economy and people’s livelihoods.”

Please help our Anglican friends in Fiji as they deal with the aftermath of TC Yasa, they urgently need our help. Please pray for Fiji and everyone affected.

To donate to our TC Yasa Appeal, click on the ‘Please Donate’ button below (choose ‘Rapid Response Emergency Fund’ from the drop down menu and write ‘Fiji’ in the message section under your payment details). All money will be directed towards Anglican Missions NZ and their work with the Diocese of Polynesia.


Alternatively, you can send a cheque/money order made payable to Anglican Overseas Aid to:

Anglican Overseas Aid
P.O. Box 389
Abbotsford, VIC 3067


Photo: TC Yasa brought severe winds and rain, leaving many areas flooded, cut off and without power. Credit: Anglican Diocese of Polynesia.

The Anglican Diocese of Polynesia is also a member of CAN DO Fiji and is working with other local churches and agencies such as ADRA to bring relief to the most severely impacted communities.

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