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Spafford Children’s Center is a vital haven for traumatised children

11 January, 2019

Carol spent some at the Spafford Children’s Center while on holiday in the Holy Land

Supporter, Carol, visited the Spafford Children’s Center on a recent visit and shares what she saw and experienced.

The Spafford Children’s Center in East Jerusalem provides unique growth and healing opportunities for children traumatised by the ongoing Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It’s a difficult job in a difficult environment, but made easier when people spread the word of the need and value of the work.

In September, one of our supporters, Carol, visited the Holy Land and included a stop at the Spafford Center in her itinerary. It proved to be a profound experience for her.

“What a privilege it was to see this vital and longstanding organisation in action,” she said. “I was able to meet with both the previous and new director and connect with program staff, as well as seeing parents and children engaging in the many activities on offer. These include but are not limited to the new ballet classes, traditional dancing, drama, music and singing, art, counselling, maternal child health, literacy and language support and women’s empowerment projects.”

Seeing the children at the Center was a special treat for Carol. “While initially shy, the children were quick to return my smile and show me their amazing dance moves and some of the other activities they were doing. There was a real sense of pride, confidence and community throughout the Center.”

Jantien (previous Director) with the new ballet teacher

The Spafford Center has a rich history going back almost 100 years. The significance of this history and the links to the political landscape were not lost on Carol. She reflected that, “Walking through the old city of Jerusalem, I experienced a very momentary taste of a city divided both physically and politically, but living together within this complicated system.”

Given the charged environment where they work, Carol has nothing but praise, profoundly moved by her visit to the Center.

“Given its long history, the Spafford Center is a trusted haven with a wholistic, creative and responsive approach to supporting healthy child development and family functioning. The Spafford Center provides life-changing support for Palestinian children and families, many who have experienced significant trauma, devaluing and displacement within their own land.”

Carol prays for continued support for the work she witnessed, and invites everyone to join her.

“Please pray that this important work can continue, that favour is maintained with local authorities and that financial and specialist support is made available to expand services and see many more amazing outcomes for children and families.”

We share this prayer.

Thank you, Carol, for your words of support, encouragement and being a part of our work in East Jerusalem.


Art therapy plays a pivotal role in allowing children to express themselves in the healing process.













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