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Sinakho Safe Community, South Africa

The Sinakho Safe Community Network program was implemented by the Department of Social Responsibility (DSR) in the Anglican Church’s Grahamstown Diocese in the Eastern Cape of South Africa.

Anglican Overseas Aid has been partnering with DSR since 1999 to promote gender equality and help prevent gender-based violence. The project has been funded through the Australian Government and donations from the Australian public through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

This evaluation reports on the closing three year cycle of the program and partnership with the Grahamstown Diocese.

The program’s overarching aims have been to promote structures and strategies for positive gender relations and food security, to advance rural women’s self-reliance, resilience and security and to empower them to take leadership in their communities. To achieve this they had two parts to the project: the Safe Persons Network and the Permaculture Network. The Safe Persons Network part of the program focused on supporting the community to build capacity in leadership and advocacy to prevent and respond to violence, including gender-based violence and violence against marginalised people. The Permaculture Network part focused on improving food security using permaculture techniques and principles.

The purpose of this evaluation is to reflect on the work undertaken in the last phase of the 15 year program.

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