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SBS story featuring Anglican Overseas Aid

September 13, 2016

Our Rewriting History video, featuring Joseph from Kenya, is being covered by SBS in an article about the importance of keeping up Australian aid to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Joseph is from the project we have been supporting in Kenya through the help of Australian aid. He lost his wife to HIV in 2004. In partnership with the Mothers’ Union of the Anglican Church of Kenya, we have been working in the region since 2006 to reduce the spread of HIV and AIDS, thanks to Australian aid. In that same year, Joseph and his youngest son were also diagnosed with HIV and began treatment.

Joseph says, “Unfortunately, Australian aid was too late to save my wife, who died of AIDS in 2004, but since then Australia’s support in educating, diagnosing and treating people with HIV, has saved thousands of lives, including that of my youngest son and I, who were both diagnosed as HIV positive in 2006, when the program began.”

Australian aid also supports other projects of ours. Cuts to the aid budget in recent years have a direct impact on people like Joseph. When aid is cut, it is people like him who suffer the most.

Some actions you can take to support people like Joseph are:

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