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Remembering the Poor – Bible studies available

At Anglican Overseas Aid, we believe that caring for the poor is a central aspect of the Gospel.

We have created Bible studies which emphasise God’s concern for those living in poverty and injustice. The studies are designed to help both individuals and groups explore this foundation. They contain a series of questions for either individuals or groups to consider, as well as a practical application.

There are four separate studies, which all come in one hardcopy booklet which you can receive from us for free.

The study topics are:

  • 1. Global poverty – Does God care? Should We?
  • 2. Transformation, the Jesus way
  • 3. Seeing Jesus in the eyes of the poor
  • 4. Your kingdom come…on earth

There are also practical suggestions for you to take action.

At their core, these studies ask why Christians should care about global poverty, not simply as a humanitarian response, but as an outworking of our faith in Christ. We seek to alleviate poverty because we are Christian.

Bringing transformation to communities is what Anglican Overseas Aid is all about. Our tagline is ‘Life. Abundantly. For All.’ It is taken from John 10:10 where Jesus says that he has come that people may have life in all its abundance. And as communities overseas are transformed, we are also transformed as we work for change from here. The love of God is transformative in every way.

Our prayer is that these studies will lead you closer to the God revealed in Jesus, to the One who lived out God’s heart for the poor. We pray that you will be simultaneously encouraged, challenged, and blessed by them.

We believe that God’s dream is for everyone to live a life where there is dignity and sufficiency. It is also our dream, and we hope that these studies inspire you as you live out God’s dream in your lives.

If you would like hardcopies of the Bible studies, you can email us at aoa@anglicanoverseasaid.org.au or call us on 1800 249 880.

You can also download the studies here.

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