Akhaya is an organisation located in Yangon, led by and for women, with the goal to challenge gender stereotypes, bring gender equality into homes and communities, and advocate for a safer and more equal environment for women to live in.

Akhaya works to strengthen women’s self-confidence and enable women to enjoy full social participation. Along with mentoring and advocacy, Akhaya works to empower women financially through skills based training so that they are able to become self reliant.

In increasing women’s own self agency it is hoped that they will be empowered to stand with dignity and strength and become decision makers within their families and communities, free from harassment, violence and poverty.

Akhaya works through vulnerable women’s networks to facilitate Women’s Group Gatherings, mentoring and leadership training, business skills development and literacy, as well as advocate broadly for women’s rights..

Anglican Overseas Aid is supporting Akhaya to run the SHE Smith social enterprise program. This involves the training of female silver smiths to provide skills for financial security and self reliance.


Funding: This project is funded by donations from the Australian public.