Please support rebuilding the Ahli Arab Hospital


The Ahli Arab Hospital, a trusted, unique and vital service in Gaza and our partner needs our help after a part of their ageing building collapsed.


The Ahli Arab Hospital, our partner in Gaza rolling out our Women’s Health and Well-being Program conducting breast cancer screening and education, has been impacted by a collapse of part of the hospital building earlier this month.

The collapsed building was part of the surgical outpatient clinic, where steel beams, roofing, plaster ceiling and surrounding walls caved in and then collapsed into the basement below. The hospital, run by the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, now faces an expensive rebuilding effort, however the hospital is already run on a tight budget with many stresses complicated by the ongoing political conflict.

The damage to the 120-year-old building was apparently caused by ‘environmental stresses’, but thankfully was empty at the time and no one was injured.

In March, Presiding Bishop Michael Curry (of Prince William and Duchess of Sussex wedding fame) joined with other religious leaders in visiting the hospital and advocating for their continuing and vital work.

Hospitals like Al Ahli Arab “provide life-saving and, in some cases, unique forms of health care not available otherwise to Palestinians,” a joint statement read.

Executive director of the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, John Lent, said the conditions and situation of health care in Gaza was dire:

“All of Gaza is on a timeline that requires urgent intervention, politically, socially, economically. It’s really a completely unsustainable situation that the Gazans are living in, and Ahli’s right in the middle of it.”

The Ahli Arab Hospital is the only nongovernmental, charitable hospital there to treat all Gaza residents. “Ahli is a very special place,” Lent said.

A survey of the damage has put repair and reconstruction costs at around USD 150,000 according to the diocese.

Anglican Overseas Aid will be sending money from our Rapid Response Emergency Fund to contribute to the rebuilding of the outpatients’ clinic. If you would like to support us in this, you can donate through our website donation page (choose 13. Rapid Response Emergency Fund from the drop-down menu) or call us on 1800 249 880.

Read more about the building collapse from the Episcopal News Service here (source for information and quotes above).

To read more about Anglican Overseas Aid’s ongoing work with the Ahli Arab Hospital through the Women’s Health and Well-being Program, read the latest evaluation report available here. The evaluation also details the many health care challenges that are present in the Gaza Strip and how important the hospital is in providing for the most vulnerable in the community.

Breast cancer patients and survivors in Gaza

The Ahli Arab Hospital provides health care for many vulnerable women as well as women’s rights education in Gaza


What your donations will provide

Your donations will go towards the Rapid Response Emergency Fund, from which we will send money to help with the cost of rebuilding the collapsed hospital building.

If you do not wish to donate online, you can alternatively send a cheque/money order made payable to Anglican Overseas Aid to:

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Gaza Ahli Arab Rebuilding Appeal
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