“After Mind and Body I came out of the darkness…My life is full of hope again.”

Our work with the Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza is changing the lives of women with breast cancer!

Your generous contributions are allowing more women to be screened. But that is not the only area of help you are contributing to.

One of the changes that you are providing for these women is psychological support through a great new program called Mind and Body. This is a worldwide program that helps women with breast cancer cope with the emotional stress they experience from having the disease.

Living in a conflict zone and having breast cancer is really emotionally tough

Already, approximately 100 women at the hospital are involved in the program. But more women need this service. Ahli Arab Hospital is providing the program at no cost to the women, as finances are a huge burden for women living in Gaza.

Mind and Body is now at the stage where it is ready to grow and help more women, but they currently don’t have the resources to do so.

Will you help more women with breast cancer in their struggle to cope psychologically with having the disease?

In a difficult context like Gaza, there is also stigma attached to having breast cancer, and because of this, women don’t get the support they need to cope with the stress of the illness. Simply talking about their feelings in a safe space, being listened to and understood, is reducing their stress levels.

Women who have completed the 10 week Mind and Body program have been reporting how it has changed their lives.

Moneera smiles as she talks about how the Mind and Body program has changed her life for the better.


One of the women is 58 year old Moneera, who after two years of pain and operations, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. She described her struggle with depression to us:

“I was shocked and my life became dark and I stopped my social activities after I lost my hair and eyebrows. I became careless about my life. My husband avoided me, I stopped showering, I started to close windows, spending all my days lonely.”

After she attended Mind and Body, Moneera had renewed courage.
“My life changed completely. I learnt new methods and techniques which helped me to start a new life and come out of my darkness and depression. I became more confident and empowered.”

“Since my diagnosis until recently I never thought to use make up, however I have started to take care of myself and for the first time since three years I used eyeliner and a wig. My life became full of hope again.”

You can help women like Moneera have the courage to stop hiding themselves away and step back into life through our ‘Out of the Shadows’ Spring Appeal.


Today Moneera is cheerful and is excited to share her story to anyone who will listen.

A long way emotionally from her dark days of hiding herself away, today she is happy to have her picture taken and shared with everyone. “I want these photos to support the Mind and Body Program to support more women like me.”

There are many other women like Moneera who need your help! But a lack of resources means they may not get the help they need.

Your support is crucial. As always, we also urge you to keep praying for the work the hospital is doing in incredibly difficult circumstances.

Left: Moneera’s life fell apart when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After attending the Mind and Body program, her life changed completely. Right: A radiologist conducts a mammography screening at the Ahli Arab Hospital Diagnostic Centre.

“Come to me all that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28

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