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Gifts and service a wonderful combination in our Board

January, 2021

We have been very fortunate over many years to have people of extraordinary talent and giftedness on our Board. These are the people who provide direction to AOA, often behind the scenes and without recognition. They do it as an expression of their deeply held values and without financial compensation.

AOA’s CEO and board members Tony Hickson, Glenn Scott, and Dr Robin Ray visiting our program in Kenya in 2019. Credit, Chris Shearer, Anglican Media

There have recently been some changes to our Board. Some members will soon be completing their service, while others are just commencing. We want to acknowledge all these gifts and contributions.

Tony Hickson is one person who has served a lengthy time on the Board. For the last 10 years, he has provided his financial expertise to help ensure we make decisions that are prudent and consistent with our values. Tony has extensive management experience covering 40 years in two large multinational corporations and three medium-sized independent schools and colleges. His commitment to the not-for-profit sector is unquestioned, having held many volunteer governance positions, including in churches and local and overseas mission agencies. Tony served as Chair of our Finance, Risk and Audit Committee. We are sad to farewell him from our Board after so many years, but he will continue to serve as a committee member for one final year.

AOA’s CEO and board members Tony Hickson, Dr Robin Ray, Glenn Scott and Claire Miller visiting our program in Gaza in 2019. Credit, Chris Shearer, Anglican Media.

Dr Chris Morgan is also leaving our Board following 6 years of service. Chris also served on Development Committee for 6 years, the last 3 as Chair. He has been appointed to the highly prestigious position of Senior Technical Advisor to a public health NGO affiliated with the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. His expertise has taken him around the world, having worked in health development in areas where there have been limited resources. Some of these areas include western China, Myanmar, Nepal, PNG, Kenya, South Africa and with the World Health Organization.

Dr Alison Morgan served as a co-opted expert on our Development Committee for six years. Alison has now been asked to join the World Bank in New York, as senior advisor on maternal and child health.

While some people leave our Board, others are commencing. One new member will be Grant Dawson. A chartered accountant, Grant has previously served as the Chief Financial Officer at World Vision Australia, is currently a senior consultant at Saward Dawson. He has a long and distinguished career leading in finance and corporate services.

Ros Clowes is another new addition to our Board. Ros has experience in fundraising for community groups and will be adding her expertise to our Fundraising and Communications Committee. She is a CPA and is a long-serving member at Glen Waverley Anglican Church.

In addition, two existing AOA Board members have been approved to serve another three year term. They are Bishop Paul Barker and Associate Professor Robin Ray. Bishop Paul is the Deputy Chair of AOA and the bishop of the Jumbunna episcopal area in the Diocese of Melbourne. Dr Ray is Associate Professor, adjunct to the College of Medicine and Dentistry at James Cook University and also serves on our Development Committee. Congratulations to both, and thank you!

AOA is privileged to be governed by people of extraordinary gifts and talents, but also people with a heart for service. The full list of AOA Board and Committee members is published at anglicanoverseasaid.org.au


The board trip to Gaza and Kenya as depicted in the photos was self-funded by the participating board directors.

The ‘Imarisha Maisha’ project in Kenya and the ‘Women’s Health and Wellbeing’ project in Gaza are supported by the Australian Government and donations from the Australian public through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP).

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