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Conflict forces thousands to flee Cabo Del Gado, Mozambique

December, 2020

Violence has been escalating in the north of Cabo Delgado province in Mozambique, a situation which has seen thousands fleeing for their lives. They are now refugees in their own country, heading south seeking safety and shelter. Communities are hosting the refugees in their homes, sharing land and resources where they can, but many have landed in ‘Internally Displaced People’ (IDP) camps.

The violence is the result of civil-military conflict and many atrocities have been committed. Along with the thousands of men, women and children leaving their ancestral lands fleeing for safety, there is looting and reports that many have died.

Our partner, the Missionary Diocese of Nampula, is helping where they can, while the Bishop is engaging in conflict resolution discussions. Recently the Nampula Mission Team spent the day at the Namialo IDP camp to conduct a needs assessment and make connection with local relief partners. Muassite Miguel, the Diocese Mission Director and the coordinator of our ‘Towards Abundant Life for All’ project, reported that there were over 11,000 people there, and many were still arriving.

Along with the terror and loss affecting them, they are also struggling with poverty, lack of food and shelter, as well as diseases such as malaria and cholera.

Please pray for the work on the ground and for those left behind in northern Cabo Delgado. Particularly in the face of rising COVID-19 infections in Mozambique, and ongoing recovery from the devastating impacts Cyclones Kenneth and Idai in 2019, this conflict places intense additional stress on many people, particularly those most vulnerable.

Images: Muassite and the Mission Team at the Missionary Diocese of Nampula visit the Namialo Internally Displaced Persons camp to investigate the situation and conduct a needs assessment. Credit: Missionary Diocese of Nampula.

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