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2021 Lenten Reflection

23 January 2021

Our 2021 Lenten Reflections have arrived and are available! 

This year our free Lenten Reflection is themed ‘Colours of Lent’.

For Christians, colours can be important symbols. Colours are a way of subtly drawing attention to underlying truths and meanings, conveying mood and emotion. This year, the theme is a journey inspired by the palette used in the Gospels to communicate the story at the heart of the Christian message.

We hope that you will follow with us on this solemn and hopeful journey. Our prayer is that you will be blessed with a deeper understanding of God’s love for us as we meditate on Jesus’ sacrifice and the hope that it brings.

This booklet can be used as a personal reflection, a small group study guide or as a resource for your whole church. We have again translated the reflection into Chinese.

You can download your free copy below:

To place any orders for the printed Lenten Reflections, please email us at aoa@anglicanoverseasaid.org.au or call us on 1800 249 880.

If you received the Advent Reflection, you will automatically receive the Lenten Reflection. Please contact us if you would like to change the amount you receive.

We hope that your Lenten journey will be blessed by our reflections and filled with God’s goodness.

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