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A state of emergency has been declared in Vanuatu as, for the second time since September 2017, all the residents of Ambae Island have been evacuated, losing homes, land, and livestock – all possessions other than those they could carry.

Anglican Overseas Aid is committed to helping our long-term partner, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM), with their relief efforts, and has launched an appeal to raise urgent funds.

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For over a year the population of Ambae suffered from the effects of volcanic activity, including acid rain, contaminated water, poisonous gases and falling ash. However, in September, the ash became so severe that the sun was blocked out completely, blanketing everything and prompting a full and compulsory evacuation.

The displaced people of Ambae now face total uncertainty about the future – they have lost their livelihoods, homes and animals, all left behind on the island that they may never set foot on again.

Thousands of residents of Ambae are currently living in make-shift tents in ‘evacuation centres’ on the islands of Maewo and Santo, but this set-up is unsustainable and puts a massive strain on the local communities, who have rallied together as much as they can to help.

The local Anglican communities are displaying an amazing picture of unity, opening their houses to as many as possible. However, communities have doubled in size in the space of a few weeks, and resources are dwindling.
Along with the hot and uncomfortable temporary tents, they are also facing a lack of basic supplies, only small rations of rice and other food, and have limited access to clean water and sanitation.

As the reality of the long-term situation becomes apparent and the stress, anxiety and trauma of the loss and disaster increases, the need for Psychological First Aid will become more urgent, ensuring those most affected receive help to cope.

ACOM is playing a vital role in responding, but needs more support and has requested assistance from their partners to help.

How you have made a difference already

Anglican Overseas Aid has already responded financially to our partner in Vanuatu, the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM). Using money set aside in our Rapid Response Emergency Fund, we provided $10,000 to assist with provision and recovery efforts.

ACOM has been a first responder since the first volcanic activity in September 2017. They continue to provide Psychological First Aid, counselling, gender and protection training and awareness, and temporary accommodation to hundreds of school children, teachers and accompanying families.

Your continuing support to ease this suffering will help us reach thousands of people.

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What your donations will provide

Your donations to this appeal will support ongoing relief efforts, including:

  • seeds and tools
  • dignity kits
  • accommodation for students and teaching staff
  • school supplies
  • psychological first aid and counselling
  • rebuilding community structures
  • rebuilding agriculture and increasing incomes
  • relocation of church schools
  • accommodation for students and teaching staff 

Pew sheet

We have created a pew sheet for you to distribute in your church congregations. Click here to access the pew sheet.


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Promote our appeal with videos

Several videos outlining the situation on Ambae have been created for you to download and show to your congregations

There are five videos. Four of them are approximately a minute in length and outline different needs in the communities. The fifth video contains a message from Archbishop Philip Freier urging Anglicans to donate.

The videos can be viewed on our YouTube channel here.