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Middle East: Breast Cancer in Gaza

In Australia, the five year survival rate for a woman with breast cancer is 80%.
In Israel, it is 71%.
In Gaza, it is 40%.

The majority of breast cancers in the Gaza Strip are not detected until it is too late for surgery alone to be effective. There is no radiotherapy in Gaza, chemotherapy is very limited and often expensive, and access to treatment outside Gaza involves negotiating complex bureaucracies in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel. As a result, many women die waiting for treatment. Tragically, paliiative care is basically non-existent in Gaza.

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The women in Gaza are doing wonders with the little that they have. You can do wonders too by joining our campaign and helping us to raise funds to improve their access to appropriate breast cancer diagnosis and treatment.

By funding breast clinics through the Al Ahli hospital in Gaza, Anglican Overseas Aid is helping women access quality diagnosis facilities. This means there is greater likelihood of earlier detection that enables them to seek life-saving surgical treatment. These clinics will also promote education so that women will understand the need for self examination and early detection, and they will know to seek immediate attention for any suspicious lumps.

A limited review of the breast cancer project at Al Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza found that it is successfully achieving its aims and reducing early deaths from breast cancer. Find out more about the review, its conclusions and recommendations here.

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There are a number of ways you can support the women of the Gaza Strip:

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October 3, 2013

CEO visit to Israel and Gaza

Our chief executive Bob Mitchell is in Israel visiting projects in the region. His visit has been featured on the Diocese of Jerusalem website.


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